As a custom home builder, we hear a lot of reasons why people are concerned about building a new home rather than buying an existing home. In truth, most of these concerns are myths, and with the right builder, they’re not issues at all. Let us debunk some of the biggest myths about building a new home:

It Will Become a Money Pit

You know your builder says that your project will cost X amount… but what if things keep coming up and that number keeps changing? Will you have to throw your budget out the window and end up paying more than you can afford? No, it doesn’t have to be that way. While occasionally unforeseen circumstances may arise in the process of building a home, you shouldn’t think that your homebuilder is going to bleed you dry. At Woods Builders, we work hard to provide extremely strong estimates for our customers, so they know with as much certainty as possible what their project will cost.

It Will Run Over Schedule

We can’t predict the future, and sometimes something could happen to throw a project off schedule, but they are the exception, not the rule. We’ve been building homes for a long time and we’ve gotten this timing thing nailed down. You can be confident that we’ll do our best to keep your project on schedule, and we’ll communicate with you at every step to let you know where things stand.

Builders and Contractors Will Rip You Off

We can’t deny that there are some unscrupulous people out there who may take advantage of their clients’ inexperience with the building process and overcharge for products or services. But that’s not how Woods Builders or most reputable building professionals treat their clients. This is why you should choose a builder not just for low price, but who you can trust. With a builder you trust, you’ll have transparency on the costs of labor and materials, and know exactly what you’re paying for.

It’s Too Much Money and Hassle

Sure, it might be a little more work and time to build a custom home than to buy an existing home, but that little bit of extra effort is more than worth it. With a custom home, you get so many tangible and intangible benefits that you simply can’t put a price on. A custom home means getting everything you want, without having to settle for a too-small kitchen or not enough bathrooms. There is no compromising.

Working with an experienced custom home builder minimizes any unnecessary hassle or expense. We have relationships with suppliers to get you the best prices on materials for your new home, and we manage the process from design to construction, keeping you in the loop, but out of stress.

If you’re considering building or designing a new home, contact us today for information on how we can help build your custom home.