Making the decision to leave the place you live is a hard one. After all, you have created some good memories there. You might even be a little attached to the place. But sometimes, a house just isn’t meeting the needs of its occupants anymore and it’s time for a change. It’s might be time for a new home if…

You Need More Space

If you added a pet, child, relative, or other to the household, your current space might not have room for everyone. If you just started working from home, you probably need a dedicated office space away from the hustle and bustle where you can get work done and take calls without interruption. Perhaps you need a workshop space for your new woodworking or crafting hobby, or maybe you want a yard where you can raise chickens. If any of those apply, you’re probably ready for a new home.

Your Family is Changing

Maybe your father-in-law is moving in with you and you need accessible space for his walker in a separate suite that lets him retain some independence and privacy. Maybe your children have all left the nest for good and you have too much unused space. If your kids are growing up, maybe you really need to get them into separate bedrooms to stop the fighting (some of it, anyway). Your home should fit your family, and if the way your family is living has changed, you might want to make the change to a new home better suited to your needs.

You’re Ready to Commit

If you’ve been renting a home or apartment and are tired of the rent hikes, dealing with a landlord, and waiting to get things fixed, a new home is probably what you need, especially when you know where you want to live and that you’ll be there for a while.

You Don’t Love Where You Live

You could have the most beautiful home in the world, but if it’s next door to a landfill, rowdy bar, or other unpleasant neighbor, you won’t love living in it. If you’re not in love with your city, town, or neighborhood anymore, or are looking for a different type of environment – something less suburban, something on the water, something with more trees – it’s time to move, and you probably can’t take your house with you.

If any of the situations mentioned above describe you and your family, it’s probably time to consider moving from where you currently live into a place that better suits your needs. And what better way to know that your new home will be right for you than designing and building a custom home to your exact needs and specifications?

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